HUB's Core Values

The 8 Core Values of HUB Industrial Supply

At HUB Industrial Supply, a culture of service and a commitment to excellence remains the springboard for the success we achieve as a company – all thanks to our dedicated associates who continually live by our Core Values.

The HUB Core Values reflect our foundation, our present, and our future. They serve to guide our actions and to reinforce required performance with an emphasis on customer focus, continuous improvement, accountability, and teamwork.

Every HUB associate shares in delivering on our commitments. As such, our Core Values are a reflection of our collective business and our individual responsibilities – with steadfast commitment and promise to our customers, our suppliers, our communities and to each other.


Honest and trustworthy in all we do.


Fair and ethical relations with everyone.

Customer Focus

Dedicated to customer needs; providing value-added service at every touch point.

Commitment to Excellence

Quality in our products, service and support.


Motivated and responsible for our actions and results.


Creative in generating value; anticipating and embracing change for new opportunities.

Continuous Improvement

Committed to becoming better, as individuals and as a team.


Working together, winning together.