Two Ring Answer Guarantee

Two Ring Answer Guarantee

When you call into HUB Industrial Supply, How long does it take for your call to be answered?

If you can catch us taking more than 2 rings to answer your call, you get a “Boss Button” and more!

Details: If you call into our main switchboard, our goal is to answer in two rings or less (about 10 seconds). Next time you call, count the ring pattern and if you hear it ring 3 times, let us know as soon as we pick up the phone. We’ll send you out a Boss Button and you will be entered into a drawing for even more valuable prizes. If it happens again, let us know again, and we’ll give you another chance at the drawing.

Drawings will be held every two weeks* and the results will be posted on our Monday Morning Minute videos as well as on our Facebook page.

*Drawings require a minimum of 15 names in the hopper. If there are less than 15 new entries since the previous drawing, the drawing will be postponed for another two weeks.

Two Ring Challenge Rules

This promotion begins August 10, 2015 and will continue indefinitely. The promotion has two components: the premium giveaway and the random drawing.

All callers to HUB Industrial Supply over the age of 18 are eligible for this promotion.

Details of the Premium Giveaway

  1. Callers calling into the HUB main switchboard (386 755-9401 or 800 743-9401) during business hours should listen to the ring pattern as they wait for the phone to be answered.
  2. If the call is not answered before the phone “rings” three times (approx. 10 seconds), The caller will notify the HUB team member that it took more than two rings for him/her to answer the phone. Any caller who hears the third ring and reports it is deemed a “winner” for the purposes of this promotion.
  3. The HUB team member will take the winner’s information and send the “Boss Button” premium.
  4. The winner’s name will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes.
  5. Only one “Boss Button” will be awarded to each winner for the duration of the promotion; however, there is no limit to the number of times participants can call and “win” and have their name entered in the prize drawing.
  6. If recipient company policy prohibits accepting of premiums, HUB will not offer any substitutions.

Details of the Random Drawing

  1. The drawing will be held every two weeks for the duration of the promotion.
  2. There must be a minimum of 15 fresh entries in the hopper; If there are less than 15 new entries since the last drawing, the drawing will be postponed for another two weeks.
  3. Prizes will be determined as the promotion goes on.
  4. Winners of a drawing must sit out the next drawing. Thereafter, they are free to participate again.
  5. Drawings will be broadcast on HUB’s Monday Morning Minute Video and winners will also be announced on our Facebook page.
  6. Participants in this promotion do so with the understanding that their names will be made public if they win.